In the surreal landscape of Nightletter Theater the workings of the human mind emerge

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Quotes from Reviews

"The meaning of the work gradually emerges like the colors of dawn...Mind Freight is about the process of living. Its creators have somehow made visual, albeit in a surrealist landscape the workings of the human mind."  Oakland Tribune

"The Hungry Tree avoids linear logic to evoke a waking dream state of surreal cruelty and yearning. Creators Sydney and Arthur Carson..have devised some macabre yet rapturous images." SF Bay Guardian

"'Auspices' is a work of grave, delicate, and thoughtful ambiguity exploring the world of childhood, of dreams, of the inner darkness where symbols vaguely emerge from the shrouds of familiar objects.....Nightletter Theater puts you in the dreamers seat." Berkeley Monthly

"Exquisitely designed and lyrical, almost stately (though with tongue in cheek) in its execution...witty, sometimes ominous, investigation of the way the mind processes information...Whimsy, ingenuity, and startling effects combine to make an engrossing piece of theater."  SF Chronicle

"'Ulterior Rooms' is one of those rare shows that invigorates the viewer to the possibilities of magic in the theater. You come away anxious to get to bed and see if you can dream that creatively."  SF Chronicle

"Troublant, inquiétant, surprenant, fascinant, le Nightletter Theatre de Berkeley et ses atmosphères oniriques s'inscrit magnifiquement dans l'ambiance magique de l'enceinte du Belluard." La Liberte, Fribourg, Switzerland

"Viewers experienced at least four narratives sliding past and colliding, reveling in free play: the film, the stage action, the voice over and the English subtitles. Seeing these variable narratives allowed us to participate while exploring our own subconscious minds." High Performance

"Simultaneously tender, heroic, and mythic, this is a must-see." SF Weekly

"Nightletter Theater fills an imaginative gap in a linear, fact-driven, left-brain world where the stuff of dreams remains eternally familiar." Callboard

..."'Mind Freight' a stunning theatrical excursion into a dream world of images loaded with meaning... There is much humor in the piece, but its most impressive segments are its most abstract, surrealistic ones --when you feel you've somehow been sucked into someone else's vortex." SF Chronicle

"The company succeeds in striking a precarious balance between content and sheer beauty. This isn't just visually and aurally pleasing, it is also emotionally rewarding." High Performance