In the surreal landscape of Nightletter Theater the workings of the human mind emerge

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Performances and Installations

Mind Freight -
Oakland , CA, California College of the Arts, International Sculpture Conference.
Berkeley, CA, Berkeley Art Center, Live Oak Park.
Berkeley Stage Company
San Francisco, Intersection for the Arts.

Mind Freight  (Revised) -
Berkeley, Julia Morgan Theatre,
San Francisco, Theatre Artaud.
Zagreb, Croatia,  International Theatre Festival
Rovereto, Prato, and Asti, Italy, International Theatre Festivals.

Puddle Travelers -
San Francisco, Life on the Water, Berkeley, Live Oak Theater.

The Fisherman’s Three Sons
San Francisco, Intersection for the Arts.

The Waiting Room -
San Francisco, Traveling Jewish Theatre

Window - Media wall video installation  Oakland Airport, South Pacific Terminal, commissioned by the Oakland Museum and the Oakland Port Authority.

Persephone’s Dream -
Berkeley, CA, Speakeasy Theatre.
San Francisco, Somar Theater

Ulterior Rooms -
Berkeley, CA, Berkeley Stage Company in collaboration with Kala Institute
San Francisco, Intersection for the Arts.
Nyon and Frieburg Switzerland, International Theater Festival Chieri. Italy, International Theater Festival

It’s About Time - Passage/LightEscapes, installation, a group show of artists who work with light, Opts Arts Gallery, San Francisco

Auspices of Blackbirds -
Berkeley, Kala Institute
San Francisco,
Magic Theatre
San Diego, Sushi Gallery,
Quebec, Canada, International Theater Festival

Forest -
Berkeley, CA, Eighth Street Theatre, in collaboration with Ruth Zaporah

Private Eye -
San Francisco, Climate Theater
Berkeley, CA, Live Oak Theater
San Francisco, Climate Theater

Hour in Glass - 
San Francisco, Intersection for the Arts

Oakland, CA, in collaboration with California College of  the Arts and San Francisco, 80 Lanngton Street Gallery